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Do you live dangerously?

Are you a risk taker? 

Do you consider yourself a person who likes to live dangerously, teetering on the edge of trouble for thrills? Or do you generally seem to be more cautious and safety-minded?

Plenty of people of all ages tend to throw caution to the proverbial wind, hoping their carefree attitudes will lead to greater gusto in life.

What happens when the unexpected happens?

Recently, Milwaukee’s Froedtert Hospital (of Southeaster Wisconsin) and the Medical College of Wisconsin unveiled an online safety video and a series of nine different public information posters to highlight the dangers individuals all too often take in daily life, sports and driving.
Part of the promotion, offered by Froedtert’s Trauma Center (of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin), is a tongue-in-cheek helmet safety video, pointing out how people may go to great extremes for the safety of their pets, but perhaps not for themselves. 

Take a look.

The new community education video appears on the Froedtert website, as well as YouTube.:
The song is even available on the Froedtert website as a free MP3 download. Pet lovers might particularly get a kick out of the “arf” and “meow” chorus, sung by a group called The Swabs.

The Froedtert Trauma Center outreach includes a series of in-your-face posters, available as free 11" x 17" color downloads
Topics include prescription drug abuse, driving while texting or chatting on a cell phone, smoking, concussion risks in sports, pedestrian and traffic risks, and more. 

Models were photographed inside coffins to produce the jarring images on the posters, which include topical trauma statistics.
Smaller versions of the posters are pictured here. 

What’s your impression? Which poster did you find the most striking? Did any offend you, or simply offer wake-up calls?

Will the Froedtert Trauma Center's assortment of graphic posters and safety education video shake people up sufficiently to incite us to make safer choices? 

Can you think of any folks in your own life who might benefit from seeing these images? (Why not SHARE this post with them?)

Froedtert Hospital Trauma Department
Safety Posters
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1 comment:

  1. Certainly these are striking and I find them very effective. I particularly like the texting one as it would strike a chord with the younger folks. Great post!



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