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Stunning Styles for Sporting Scarves

Stunning Styles for Sporting Scarves

Are you a scarf superstar?

Do you wrap yourself in woolen warmth or drape cozy Pashmina shawls around your shoulders? Do you love kerchiefs or casual bandannas? Maybe you prefer mufflers, head wraps, turbans or neckerchiefs.

Personally, I tend to be partial to the long wrap scarves, rather than the circular or square ones. And I’m not really much of a shawl fan, although these can be nice over light and breezy summer sundresses on a chilly night. Not lately!

Still, scarves are surely stylish.

Lately, I’ve been picking up a bit of knitting, working on a few pretty winter scarves in a variety of nubby textured yarns for the cold-weather months. Hey, it keeps me busy during my favorite television shows, so I’m not as tempted to munch!

Recently, a particularly posh relative sent me a video link to this fun little film. Check it out. Here’s “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes,” from Wendy’s Look Book.

OK, a couple of these scarf tricks look like duplicates to me, but who’s counting? It’s still fun to watch and perhaps pick up a few new ideas for neckwear.

How many of these scarf styles have you already tried? Which ones would you like most to learn?

A few months ago, touring the Holy Land with friends, I was amazed at the popularity of Pashmina styles, which had all but vanished in the United States in the past couple of years. A few of the street vendors even offered creative tips for draping and wearing their wares.

Guess what? I bought a bundle of multi-colored wraps and scarves to give as gifts and to practice my own specific styles of “scarfdom.” Who says style can’t be personalized with a few fun accessories?

Just for fun, here are a few scarf stylings I found particularly appealing. See what you think!

Wrap it up … in style … with a special scarf.

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