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National Popcorn Day: Be a Corn Star Today!

Well, hello, America. It’s National Popcorn Day today, as it annually is on January 19th. However you pop it,that means it’s time to munch and crunch on a favorite snack.
Maybe there’s a kernel of truth in that, at least for health-conscious eaters. Popcorn isn’t such a bad choice, when we’re craving something salty and crunchy.

Just ask Amy Livingston, of New Jersey, who cites The Health Benefits of Popcorn. Or take a look at these nutritional information labels from a couple of the most popular microwave popcorn products.

How do you prefer your popcorn?

Are you a hot-air popcorn fan? Do you pop plain popcorn in a pan on the stove, on the grill, or over an open campfire? Or do you simply set the microwave for popcorn, and let it happen?

Plenty of people, like Nevada’s Robert Donaldson, Grow Popcorn in the Garden. Freelancer Ann Pietrangelo even produced a Popcorn Trivia Quiz.

Popcorn is plentiful!

Penny pinchers claim popcorn is an economical eat, unless you buy the bountiful buckets at the cinema. Wisconsin’s Joshua Cook asks if Movie Theater Popcorn Prices Are Too High.

Popcorn recipes are fun on National Popcorn Day.
Check out these popcorn recipes from several of my writing colleagues and friends:

Here’s something to chew on: October is National Popcorn Month. We Americans sure love our popcorn.

In fact, Donna Daniels published an interesting piece, titled The History of Popcorn.

Who’s hungry now?

Pass that bowl of crunchy kernels, would you, please?

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  1. Thank you, Linda! Yummy recipes and tips. When I first heard of Chicago style popcorn, I thought "yeck." Then I tried some and was hooked!

  2. Thanks again for the mention. I'm happy to be a corn star. :D



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