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Ssh! It’s Personal Data Privacy Day on January 28th

If a suspicious someone were following you on foot or on the freeway, you'd likely notice. What about online or on paper?

How safe is your confidential information? Are you confident that your account password and individual identification information are secure?

Today is Personal Data Privacy Day.

Sounds like a super time to rev up the paper shredder and change a few online passwords. Why not run those computer security checks too?

Check out these helpful online articles, offering practical pointers, particularly for Personal Data Privacy Day.

How private is your personal data? Are you well protected, or are you likely to fall prey to identity thieves? January 28th is Personal Data Privacy Day. Here are 10 tips for keeping personal data private and protected '" on Data Privacy Day and every day.

Identity theft is on the rise. How many consumers play right into thieves' hands by failing to destroy key papers? Here's the top list of 20 shredding musts for privacy and prudent protections, plus 15 documents to keep securely stored.

If you toss a sales receipt, are you inviting identity theft or credit card fraud? What if someone fishes your receipts out of the trash? Will unknown charges appear on your credit card statement? How can you keep your credit safe?

Fearing identity theft and fraud, many people worry about internet shopping. They are afraid to zip their credit card numbers off into cyberspace. However, ordering online can be quite secure, if you follow appropriate steps.

What is identity theft? How can you tell if your identity is stolen? How can you protect your identity and credit rating? This article answers these questions and more.

Stop identity theft and cyber crime! Keep your confidential information to yourself, on Personal Data Privacy Day and everyday.

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