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Practically at Home salutes 2012

Happy New Year from Practically at Home!

Goodbye, 2011, with all of your ups and downs. What a year! Twelve months of injuries and insights, happy moments and hurts, challenges and cheers, and so much more.

Are you happy to see the old year gone ... and the new one just beginning? For many, the dawning of a brand-new year brings hope and optimism. Let's count on it!

New starts are always promising.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2012?

Maybe it's a new job, a life goal, a physical fitness plan or even a mended relationship. Perhaps you are planning a big move across the country, starting to work on that book you've been meaning to write, or beginning to journal daily.

What changes are you hoping for, as 2012 begins?

Are you hoping for healing? Yearning for personal growth? Waiting for a long-expected answer on something truly telling in your own life?

Is there something you've been praying long and hard about? Maybe 2012 will be your year!

My 2012 hopes are hearty, but simple and trifold.

Personally, I'm stretching for healing, both from a long-term medical condition and from traumatic injuries I sustained when a quiet horseback ride turned into a bad rodeo last summer. It only lasted a moment, but the results have lasted many months. I'm praying for friends and family members for a host of reasons, both personal and practical.

Professionally, I want to stretch as well, seeking to continue improving my craft as a writer, as well as my efficiency as a freelancer. This seems to be a perennial purpose.

Spiritually, I desire to desire more of God - His presence, His character and His blessing. I want the Lord to continue to reshape me, making me less like me and more like Him.

Who wants to ask me (next December) how it all turned out?

Feel free to leave a comment, including a link to your own New Year's post, if you have one. Why not add Practically at Home to your blogroll, so you can stop by easily for future visits?

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