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Creative Costumes for Kids of All Ages

ABC Wednesday (N is for …)

N is for . . .
"No One Knows Who I Am"

Creative Costumes for Kids of All Ages

Trick-or-treating night will soon be here. Fall festivals are coming up, along with costume parties, masquerade balls and other seasonal get-togethers.

Need a few quick costume ideas? Just click the titles to read complete instructions for these easy and economical outfits.

Captain Jack Sparrow would welcome you aboard in this outfit. Who wouldn't love the mischief of impersonating a pirate for a costume party or even for trick-or-treating?

Need a costume, "stat"? The doctor is in. Assemble your own Dr. Gregory House Halloween costume for trick-or treating, Halloween parties, masquerade events or other Halloween happenings. It's simple with these easy instructions.

Get the best of both worlds, as you rock out for trick-or-treating. Here's how to create your own Hannah Montana Halloween-themed costume.

What will you be for Halloween this year? How about an iPod? Tuned-in trick-or-treaters of all ages will download lots of fun with the iPod Halloween costume. Make it yourself, using these easy instructions. It's nano-riffic!

Psst! Wanna see something even scarier than this? How about dressing up as Barak Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, or another politician or celebrity for Halloween? Here's the simple secret to a no-sew costume of a Halloween headliner.

Super-simple costuming starts with basic attire and a few fun accessories. This article includes pointers for masquerading as a bumblebee, fairy princess, grasshopper, ladybug, lobster, pirate, prisoner, turtle and more.

Adults and children alike enjoy dressing up as Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween parties, costume events and trick-or-treating. Raggedy Ann and Andy also make the perfect pair for cute couples' costumes.

Preschoolers to post-grads, girls love to dress up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween trick-or-treating. Costume shops offer Raggedy Ann suits, but you can also easily create your own rag doll disguise without sewing.

Here are simple instructions for creating your own Spider-Man look for Halloween. Choose from the traditional Spider-Man costume, the Spider-Man 3 look or the bookish Peter Parker option. (This article includes Spider-Man face-painting instructions as well.)

Of course, you will want a special sack to collect your candy loot:

Halloween trick-or-treat participants may wonder exactly how they will haul home their sweet loot. Here are ten tips for terrific trick-or-treat totes, super sacks for safely and creatively collecting Halloween goodies.

And for horse-lovers . . .

Horse show barns often host equestrian Halloween fun shows, parades, fall festivals, barn parties or other autumn horsey events. Many horse lovers enjoy dressing up in Halloween and themed costumes for such happenings, and some even decorate or costume their horses. How can you design a delightful Halloween or themed costume for your horse?

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  1. A fun and interesting post. Great choice for the letter N.

  2. My kids always asked starting in august what they would be for Halloween. I always told them, we'll decide on October 30. It was always great fun throwing a great costume together at the last minute.

  3. What a fun post! You put a lot of work into it!



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