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Who’s Calling, Please?

Who’s Calling, Please?

Crank callers and telemarketers, best beware.

Do you receive annoying telephone calls from unknown phone numbers? Have you missed a few incoming calls, but you are not sure who the callers were? Would you like to know who has been calling you?

Look up any phone number.

A free online service, called, can quickly identify unknown telephone callers, as long as you can retrieve their phone numbers from your telephone or caller identification system.

Here’s how it works: You simply visit the website, and type in the mysterious phone number. Within seconds, a report will appear, listing the phone number owner’s name and address. The results include the caller’s city, county, state and telephone service provider.

For unlisted phone numbers, only the telephone service provider and local area information may be listed, although a paid search option may offer additional identifying details. is simple to use, and it is available for cellular phone and land-line numbers in the United States and Canada.

Of course, all lookups are completely confidential. Callers will not be alerted that you have investigated their phone numbers.

What a handy and simple solution for identifying missed calls and unknown callers.

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