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Hearing Voices?

Hearing Voices?

“I’m hearing those voices again
. . . maybe I should hang up the phone.”

My blogging friend Luna Nina (at Unconscious Mutterings) offers weekly free-association prompts. Just for fun, let’s see what happens. (If you try these yourself, be sure to return to Practically at Home, and let us know how you did.)

(The prompts are in bold, and my responses are in italics.)
1. Hearing : Voices

2. Aggression : Attack

3. Charged : Plastic

4. Traveler : Motion Sickness

5. Hydrate : Hot Flashes

6. Detox : Healing

7. Qualify : Graduate

8. Prison : Redeemed

9. Frontal : In Your Face

10. Pep talk : Game

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