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Onions and Swine Flu?

Onions and Swine Flu?

Here's another reason to cry about onions.

Popular lore has it that placing onions around the home may prevent the flu - perhaps even the dreaded swine flu.

Garlic may stop vampires (according to legend).
But onions do not stop swine flu . . . or any flu.

Check it out here.

So put those onions away, and wash your hands. That's the best way to prevent flu, anyway.

Swine Flu Prevention Pointers
Swine flu scares are hogging headlines, as government health departments scramble to contain the H1N1 virus. Many individuals have become infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus, which has even claimed several lives. How can H1N1 swine flu be prevented?

Swine Flu Facts for Seniors
H1N1 swine flu causes grunting in public circles, health agencies and government offices. The dreaded disease, which began in hogs, is now most commonly spread from person to person. What do senior citizens need to know about H1N1 swine flu?

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