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Pumpkin Pointers 101

Pumpkin Pointers 101

Halloween is ten days away. Have you put out your Halloween pumpkins yet? Is your front entrance ready for a slew of Halloween trick or treaters?

Do you carve Halloween pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, or do you decorate your pumpkins some other way? Perhaps you simply place whole pumpkins on the porch with a hay bale, a few squashes and gourds and some multicolored Indian corn.

What do you do with your Halloween pumpkins?

Do you paint Halloween faces on your pumpkins, using craft paints? Are your faces simple or ornate, humorous or horrifying?

Do you draw jack-o-lantern faces on your Halloween pumpkins with colorful markers?

Do you simply create faces on Halloween pumpkins with Mr. Potato Head (or Mrs. Potato Head) pieces?

If you carve jack-o-lanterns from your Halloween pumpkins, do you use a pumpkin saw, or do you cut out your pumpkin faces with a kitchen knife?

Do you allow children to participate in the pumpkin carving or adults only?

Do you use pumpkin-carving templates (purchased in Halloween stores or craft shops), draw your own pumpkin-carving designs or just start cutting?

Do you prefer real pumpkins for Halloween, or do you purchase artificial pumpkins? Have you tried the inexpensive pre-carved and pre-lit artificial pumpkins?

Have you ever planted and grown your own Halloween pumpkins?

How long do your Halloween pumpkins last? Do you know any tricks for keeping Halloween pumpkins fresh as long as possible?

Do you save and roast pumpkin seeds for a Halloween snack? Have a Halloween pumpkin seed recipe to share?

Happy pumpkin carving!



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