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Do You Like a Latte?

Do You Like a Latte?

I'm not really much of a coffee drinker, but I surely am a visually oriented person. Maybe that's why I love editing, photography, fabric crafts (such as sewing) and gardening.

Which latte photo appeals to you the most? Just for fun, see how the whimsical quiz-makers interpret your choice.

After the quick quiz, you might find yourself craving a cup of coffee - or even a latte. Hey, it's a blustery fall day, so why not?

Check out my results, then CTRL-click the title link at the bottom to find out your own!

You Are Bright and Intuitive

You can take in a lot of information at once. You're excellent at remembering details, and you are able to see how each piece of the puzzle fits together.

Beyond understanding what's in front if you, you're also good at seeing what's missing.

Your energy level is fairly high and consistent. You are good at being able to get yourself going.

Your signature latte would be a skinny latte. Even if you aren't on a diet, you don't really like your food to weigh you down.


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