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Planning Air Travel for Thanksgiving?

Planning Air Travel for Thanksgiving?

Do you know which American airports are supposed to be the busiest of all for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend?

Before you fly, be sure to check out the projections on the top 10 (and even the top 50) busiest U.S. airports for the Thanksgiving weekend. The statistics are offered by a major online travel booking company, based on ticket sales and reservations for the holiday weekend.

Orbitz Forecasts Top 10 Busiest U.S. Airports for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest travel occasion of the entire year. Orbitz forecasts America's busiest (and least busy) airports during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. How might this forecast help Thanksgiving holiday travelers plan air travel?
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Canceled flights, delayed flights, crowded airport terminals and other passenger inconveniences may be much more likely at the nation's busiest airports, particularly during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

After all, the Thanksgiving weekend is often one of the busiest air travel seasons of the entire year.

And what about all those mis-routed and lost bags?

Many air travelers may wish to try re-routing their itineraries, just to avoid these super-busy spots. In the very least, passengers will want to plan ahead, to check flight times before departing for the airport. Travelers will be well advised to watch weather and news reports for local, connection and destination cities. And folks may opt to pack carry-on luggage, rather than checking bags (which usually costs more now anyway).

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