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Getting a Jump on Holiday Decorating

Getting a Jump on Holiday Decorating

The last weekend of November may be as full of traditions as Thanksgiving celebrants stomachs are filled with turkey.

Look around any American neighborhood, and you may see folks standing on ladders to place Christmas lights tree branches, hang icicle lights on roof lines or set up outdoor nativity scenes. Suddenly, our surroundings may be transformed from autumn to winter wonderlands.

Of course, a bit of caution may be offered. Christmas decorating can be hazardous. Just look at this display (a few years ago) in Sue Salah’s yard in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Daily Tribune photo

By Dick Hunt

Sue’s neighbors were surprised to see this sight, so they called 911. When emergency staffers arrived on the scene, they instructed her to remove the Christmas dummy.

How do you decorate your own home for the holidays?

Here are a few items that may be helpful, as you deck the halls this year.

Tips for Troubleshooting Christmas Lights

Christmas lights brighten the holiday season. What happens when Christmas lights fail to work properly? Holiday decorators, both novices and professionals, groan to find Christmas lights not working. What can be done to remedy this dark dilemma?

Lighting an Artificial Christmas Tree like the Pros: Holiday Decor Tips

Holiday tree decorating professionals create gorgeous displays of light and color, with no dark gaps or loopy wires. Follow these simple steps, and your well-lit tree will rival those in the holiday stores!

Candy Cane Christmas Crafts

Super-Simple Sweet Holiday Greetings and Gifts - You can use the beloved traditional Christmas candy cane to create candy Christmas crafts. Try these creative candy Christmas crafts for your holiday gift-giving this year. Make your own candy cane greeting card, package tie-on or keepsake photo ornament.

Make Homemade Christmas Decorations with Cookie Cutters

Christmas cookie cutters can be the start of super Christmas crafts. For Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, wreaths and gift tie-ons, cookie cutters make creative fun. Try these five simple crafts to deck the halls delightfully this holiday season.

Top Tips for Painting Christmas Ball Ornaments

A little paint and creativity can transform basic shiny glass Christmas balls into personalized or prettified holiday heirlooms that will be treasured for many years to come.

Pine Cone Crafting; Make a Christmas Tree

How do you make a pine cone Christmas tree or wreath? This is pretty simple to do, if you have access to plenty of pine cones.

Easy Vacation Souvenir Craft: Seashell Photo Ornaments

What simple vacation souvenir craft might you make with your family? Create seashell photo ornaments for the Christmas tree or home decorating. Seashell photo ornaments may become lasting family heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.

3 Easy Creative Calendars for Christmas

Here are three basic craft projects for making keepsake Christmas calendars. Each offers several customizable variations as well.

5 Simple Centerpieces for Christmas

A creative Christmas centerpiece is the hallmark of a well-dressed and festive holiday table. Try these five super simple centerpieces to add seasonal flair to your Christmas dinner table.

Top 10 Winter Wonderland Warnings

Tips for keeping children safe around outdoor holiday decorations - How can parents help children to enjoy the happy holiday atmosphere without danger? Check out these top ten winter wonderland warnings before enjoying outdoor Christmas and holiday decorations with young children.

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