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Florida Show-and-Tell Gator on the Loose

Florida Show-and-Tell Gator on the Loose

"What will you bring to school for show-and-tell?
How about a five-foot alligator?"

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer made quite a splash in his daughter’s classroom at the Breakfast Point Academy, in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Friday, October 30th. Officer David Brady took a recently captured alligator into the school for show-and-tell, but the five-foot-long green reptile escaped.

Perhaps the great green alligator had heard that the Breakfast Point Academy was performing flu shots that day in school.

Apparently, the gator (whose mouth was taped shut) was a big hit with the students. After the display, however, the creature climbed out of Brady’s truck and took off. Alligators may move as fast as 35 miles per hour.

Local wildlife control officers searched the area for the missing gator. Anyone who spots the errant alligator is advised to call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 1-866-FWC-GATOR.

Although no children seem to have been harmed, the alligator on the lam surely took a bite out of school recess on Friday.

Even a casual observer might wonder whether it might be time for some stricter guidelines for show-and-tell in school.

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