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Favorite Christmas Song Ever

Favorite Christmas Song Ever

What is your very favorite Christmas song of all? Which version of your choice tune do you prefer? Who sings or plays it the best?

Do you like to go a-caroling at Christmastime? Where do you carol? Do you host or attend a caroling party? Do you sing at school or church? Do you carol in your neighborhood or somewhere else?

Here are some of my friends’ top choices of Christmas music favorites. See how they match up to your own.

This article shares information about my favorite Christmas song of all time.
By Charlotte Kuchinsky

Christmas carols are the musical highlight of the holiday season for many. As trees are trimmed and stockings placed by chimneys, the air is filled with the music of Christmas. What's my favorite carol of all?
By Linda Ann Nickerson

"I am dreaming tonight of a place I love even more than I usually do." A Christmas song reminding us of the true meaning of home, "I'll Be Home for Christmas" reminds us we can find a place to celebrate the holidays wherever we are, even in our dreams.
By Khara House

This may sound a really strange choice of favorite Christmas song for me because I love my husband dearly and adore living in America.
By Susan S

I explain my favorite Christmas music, the songs, the collections, the written music, the classic recordings and some of the memories that make the songs important to me. Included is many selections learned from Gerard Schwartz and the Seattle Symphony.
By Sheri Fresonke Harper

"White Christmas" My Favorite Christmas Song
Waking up in the morning to a clear sunny day with a new fresh snow, tipping all the trees white, and seeing white for miles What a beautiful sight to see (before the darn snow plows go through). Everyone hustling around to get their holiday shopping done.
By Mary Lynn 321

My father would often tell me that it was the most beautiful Christmas song he had ever heard.
By Agnes Farside

Find out more about the story behind this popular Christmas song about King Wenceslas of Bohemia.
By Kathleen McDade

What is your favorite Christmas song? Do you prefer the traditional Christmas carols or the modern holiday music? How about leaving a comment to add your favorites?

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