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A Grandma Moses Christmas Array

A Grandma Moses Christmas Array

Out for the Christmas Trees
by Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses), a familiar and beloved American primitive folk artist, died on December 13, 1961, at the age of 101.

Grandma Moses became famous as a self-taught painter in her seventies. Her work focused primarily on seasonal and holiday scenes of American country life. In fact, folks believe Grandma Moses completed her first painting at age 76.

From then on, the beloved folk artist painted nearly every day, even after severe arthritis made this process painful for her.

The Old Checkered House in Winter
by Grandma Moses

In her memory, here are a few popular Christmas paintings by Grandma Moses. Perhaps you have seen these images, either in museums or on Christmas cards.

Sugaring Off
by Grandma Moses

We Will Celebrate
by Grandma Moses

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Have you mailed your Christmas cards yet? Need some artistic, crafty and creative holiday greeting card ideas?

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