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Tips for Holiday Tipping

Tips for Holiday Tipping

During the holiday season, many individuals will choose to offer gratuities to those who have served them well (in any number of professional capacities). Often, a customer will tuck a few extra dollars inside a holiday greeting card.

What are the basic guidelines for tipping, particularly for holiday tipping?

Should patrons tip babysitters, cleaning services, garbage collectors, hairstylists, mail carriers and other service providers for the holidays?

Certainly, the amount and appropriateness of a gratuity is up to the giver. But these articles may provide some overall standards and helpful hints for tipping etiquette.

Tipping for Drive-Ups and Deliveries

Holidays and special occasions may call for tipping for a host of personal and professional service providers. Are mail carriers, package delivery drivers and trash collectors part of this tip-giving tradition? Ought they to be?
By Linda Ann Nickerson

Christmas gift ideas for your mail carrier. How you can add your mail carrier to your Christmas tipping list.
By Jolene Thomas

Valet Parking Tips

City dwellers understand the value of strategic parking, particularly for dining out at restaurants, checking into hotels, attending theater events and visiting at hospitals. What tipping is appropriate for valet parking service?
By Linda Ann Nickerson

This article will give you some direction about who to tip and about how much is acceptable.
By Carl Benjamin

Super Sitter Gifts
To a parent with young children, reliable teenaged babysitters can be worth their weight in gold. What great holiday gifts (or even tips) might parents offer a valued babysitter?
By Linda Ann Nickerson

Check with the child's parents before you tip; remember the teenage babysitter is not an adult and it is the courteous thing to do.
By Rebecca Furtado

Hairstylists rely on tips to cover many of their salon expenses. How can you figure out how much to tip your valued stylist?
By Linda Ann Nickerson

A short guide to holiday tipping, the amount, and the recipients.
By Lynette

Take-Out Tips
Stop at the gourmet coffee shop, the bakery or the smoothie counter for a quick snack. As you pay for your treat, you may notice a jar on the counter, marked "tips." Many customers will drop a few coins or a small bill into the tip jar. A few may deposit the change they receive with their order. Should restaurant patrons offer tips when paying for take-out food?
By Linda Ann Nickerson

Knowing the proper tipping etiquette is important to anyone receiving personal services. These etiquette tips for tipping services will provide the reader with gratuity protocol.
By Melissa Harker Ridenour

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