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Fourth of July Treats and Eats

Happy Birthday, America!

Independence Day is one week away in the United States. What are you bringing to the party or picnic?

Here are a few of our favorite treats and sweets for the Fourth of July, listed alphabetically. Click the links for full instructions.

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Bandstand Brownies

On Independence Day, Bandstand Brownies are sure to beat the band at your all-American celebration. This simple recipe will make a plateful of tasty brownies, but they sure won’t last.

Constitution Corn Roast

What could be more fun for a Fourth of July event than an old-fashioned all-American corn roast? On the grill or even an open fire, Constitution Corn Roast is a red-hot hit.

Fireworks Fruit Salad

The tangy dressing in this Fourth of July recipe makes Fireworks Fruit Salad stand out from the rest of the all-American salads you might find at an Independence Day gathering.

Flag-Waving Waffles

Here's a Fourth of July treat that is sure to please patriotic people of all ages. Although waffles are most often served for breakfast or brunch, they also make a delicious dessert. Flag-Waving Waffles are a simpler version of the popular all-American funnel cake, served at county fairs and Fourth of July festivals.

Fourth of July Fruit Skewers

Red, white and blue combine in this quick and easy recipe. Excellent finger food for an Independence Day barbecue, picnic or potluck, Fourth of July Fruit Skewers are an annual all-American favorite.

Freedom Fries

Fries are a favorite, especially at a Fourth of July event. Simple to prepare, using this quick and easy Fourth of July recipe, Freedom Fries are the ultimate all-American finger food.

Home-of-the-Brave Chicken

On the Fourth of July, you can celebrate the birthday of the home of the brave with all-American delicious barbecued chicken. Cooked on the grill, this Fourth of July recipe is a perennial favorite for the Fourth of July.

Liberty Lemonade

Johnny will come running, not merely marching, home for this delicious thirst quencher. Simple to make, Liberty Lemonade is a surefire all-American crowd pleaser.

Liberty Lollipop Tree

Everyone loves lollipops. The Liberty Lollipop Tree serves as an all-American party table decoration, as well as a super treat for your Independence Day event.

Minuteman Meatballs

During the American Revolutionary war, the colonists formed a home-grown militia. Farmers and tradesmen would drop their tasks, take up arms and head for the battlefield immediately to fight for freedom. They quickly became known as the Minutemen.

Meatballs are minute, but delicious, making them popular all-American fare for the Fourth of July.

Minuteman Munchies

This quick and easy Fourth of July recipe (essentially a trail mix) makes an ideal all-American appetizer, snack or finger food for kids of all ages at a Fourth of July barbecue, picnic or potluck.

Parade Cookies

True old-school patriots may decide to whip up sweet sugar cookies from scratch for the Fourth of July. For busier folks, a simpler solution is offered. (Try not to tell anyone how easy these all-American Parade Cookies are to make.)

Parade Popcorn

No quick and easy Fourth of July recipe could be simpler than popcorn, but what a surefire all-American crowd pleaser it is. Pop up a big batch of fresh kernels, in your popcorn popper or even the microwave, add your favorite festive toppings, and you will be ready for your Fourth of July barbecue, picnic or potluck.

Patriotic Potato Salad

No Independence Day party is complete without a delicious all-American potato salad, using this Fourth of July recipe. Of course, you could buy a basic potato salad in any delicatessen. Still, would you rather offer something a little zippier like this tangy all-American dish?

Patriotic Punch

Even the most patriotic party attendees get thirsty on a hot summer day, particularly after playing Fourth of July party games, sports or even just sitting in the sun at an Independence Day parade. Try this quick and easy Fourth of July recipe, a guaranteed all-American favorite.

Rocket's Red Glare Gelatin Mold

What's a Fourth of July party without a gelatin mold? This quick and easy recipe adds red, white and blue festivity to your all-American Independence Day feast.

Sparklers and Spaghetti

Although spaghetti may have originated in Italy, it seems to have become a universal favorite among Americans of all ethnic backgrounds. This quick and easy Fourth of July recipe, Sparklers and Spaghetti, is simple and savory for an all-American Independence Day gathering.

Stars and Stripes Super Sundae

This extra-fun all-American dessert is ideal for an outdoor party, as it echoes the traditional, old-fashioned, all-American Independence Day ice cream social.

Star-Spangled Sandwiches

Sandwiches may be the universal favorite all-American summer fare for outdoor events, particularly on the Fourth of July. Use your own quick and easy recipe, of follow these guidelines for super Star-Spangled Sandwiches on Independence Day.

Uncle Sam's "I Want You" Cake

The ultimate recruiter, Uncle Sam points your way to culinary success with this yummy cake, an ideal Fourth of July dessert and treat. Enlist the troops in your own home to help you create this Independence Day treat.

Uncle Sam's Super Salad

This hearty Fourth of July salad is practically a Constitutional requirement for an Independence Day celebration. At least, it ought to be. Toss in additional fresh vegetables, if you wish, for color and flavor.

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