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Ups and Downs

(For a Simply Snickers prompt on “roller” and “coaster”)

Sometimes, home life may feel like a roller coaster, filled with plenty of ups and downs.

Although the Simply Snickers prompt calls for the use of “roller” and “coaster,” (see above), here is a similar image.

Can a favorite childhood game serve as a metaphor for family life?

Ups and Downs
(Poetic Chatters on Chutes and Ladders)

Life is filled with ups and downs,
Laughing, crying, smiles, and frowns.
Climb a ladder; slide to the floor;
Buddy, can we play some more?

Curves and turns and a big surprise
Can help cement our family ties.
Will I pout or be a good sport?
Or will I simply come up short?

In Chutes and Ladders, as in life,
The goal is to have fun, not strife!

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