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Got Grimy Grout?

Got Grimy Grout?

If you have tile flooring, you know how lovely and long lasting it can be. Home builders and remodelers often prefer tile flooring over hardwood, linoleum and other options because it is both decorative and durable.

However, if you have ceramic, marble, or stone tile floors in your home, then you probably have grout as well. Grout is the compound that holds tiles to the floor base and joins them to one another. In time, tile grout may become discolored, faded or even downright dirty.

How can you keep your floor grout spotless and stain-free?

Click here to read "Grimy Grout: How to Clean Your Tile Grout." This free online article include practical instructions for preventing grout stains, scrubbing grimy grout and keeping tiled floors sparkling.

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