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Bleeding Us Dry

(Posted in response to One Single Impression’s “bleeding” haiku prompt, Simply Snickers’ “raffle,” “rise” and “roulette’ prompt and Sunday Scribblings’ “soar” or “sore” prompt)

Have you ever been to one of those "Casino Night" fund-raisers? On such nights, participants may spend exorbitant amounts of money for formal attire and blow big bucks at the gaming tables . . . all in the name of a favorite charity. Honestly! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just write them a check in the first place?

Bleeding Us Dry
(Haikus to Please for Charities)

Do buy a ticket.
Raffle prizes everywhere.
Come support the cause.

Spin the roulette wheel.
Watch the numbers rise and fall,
As we bleed you dry.

No sore losers here.
Gambling for charity.
Everybody wins.

Tax write-offs? No way.
But you might take home the pot,
If your luck holds out.

Click here for “Bleeding Us Dry (Haikus to Please for Charities)

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  1. I spent a few years as a professional fundraiser for charities and some of the things that are now done to raise funds just make me quite angry, to put it mildly...

  2. Take home the pot or go to pot! I think it's easier to write a check for the charity and have a nice gathering for fun. I'm not a risk-taker!

    I like what you did here. Thanks.

    (My bleeding hearts didn't come back either. Always so hardy, too...)

    Writing in Faith: Poems

  3. Very clever and to the point... and so well done. Brava!

  4. Such a good point to bring up and you certainly touched on it well. is more complex than we think, isn't it.

    I'm sorry to hear that your bleeding hearts didn't return, they are so lovely. Made for a great inspiration for my prompt poem.

    Thanks for visiting:

    Huggs, G

  5. Yes, the methods aren't quite ethical. Such heart-wrenching campaigns are no better. Teaching guilt and helplessness to the general public, or else to get something by the act of giving. Community loses.

  6. You showed us another aspect of bleeding. Thanks!

    ravages of time

  7. You did such a great job. I was having trouble with 'bleeding' and asked hubs for ideas. All he could think of was "the gas prices are bleeding us dry". I could get a poem out of that, LOL. But you summed up one of of getting bled dry!

  8. Perfectly said. When my kids were in school there was always one fundraiser after another!!

  9. Oh yes - I always wondered this myself!

  10. You've said a lot of truth there. I've never been to one of those casino nights (having no money, I guess!), and I can see your point. But I would NEVER buy the necessary dress! Very effective verse.

  11. So true! And, I hate this sort of thing. Does make for a good poem, though.

  12. have always found this avenue of charity rather strange but interesting... it is sad that most of these types of charity functions have a high overhead and in the end only a small percentage goes to the actual charities... excellent post..

  13. Entertaining Haiku on a subject that makes me angry at times! My previous business was next door to telemarketers for many different charities. It would shock people to know how much of their donation(s) go towards administrave and overhead costs of simply obtaining donations.



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