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Don't Have a Cow - Just a Happy Birthday?

 Don't Have a Cow - Just a Happy Birthday?

(File this one under:  “What have you dung for me lately?”)

When you care enough to send the very best, on your loved one's birthday, what do you send?

Do you order flowers? How about candy?

Do you visit the greeting card store for a lovely and sentimental birthday card? Do you pick out a whimsical or comical birthday card instead? Or do you make your own sweet homemade birthday card for the one you love?

Dick Kleis, a farmer from Zwingle, Iowa, created his own birthday greeting for his wife, Carole. And it took him more than 120,000 pounds of cow manure to do it.

Using his own manure spreader, Kleis spent three hours writing out a loving birthday message on the back 40 of the farm he and Carole share. The steaming cow dung stood out sharply against the snowy field.

Perhaps Kleis didn’t mean to be all mushy, but his message certainly carried an aroma of its own.

We can only wonder whether Carole Kleis thought her husband’s greeting was excellent – or merely excrement.

Here’s the video, if you want to see Dick Kleis’ cr*ppy birthday greeting for his wife:



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