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Money Saved at Menard's

Money Saved at Menard's

Just returned from Menard's, stocking up on a few fixer-upper essentials for New Year's projects and basic home repairs.

Guess what I found at Menard's!

Right inside the door of the store, Menard's has a big bin of green reusable shopping tote bags, priced at 98 cents apiece. And everything that fits inside the bag is discounted by 15 percent. The deal runs through January 10th.

I was pretty surprised at the amount of stuff that fit inside a single reusable shopping bag. Actually, items may stick out the top of the bag, as long as at least half of each item is contained within the bag.

So I spent the 98 cents for the reusable shopping bag. But I saved about $10 by doing so. (Sounds green to me!)

Apparently, Menard's plans to offer similar savings throughout the year - at all their stores. According to the checkout staff, the 15% off deal is expected to return in the spring, summer and fall. So save those Menard's bags, if you buy them!

I'm not an employee or owner of Menard's. No one in my family works for Menard's. I have no vested interest in Menard's. No one paid me to write this post.

I just love to discover a great bargain, particularly for stuff I plan to buy anyway. Don't you?

Here's how to find a Menard's store near you.

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