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Going Green with Goats ... and Discarded Christmas Trees?

Going Green with Goats ... and Discarded Christmas Trees?

Here’s an environmentally friendly idea you can really sink your teeth into.

OK, I admit it. That was ba-a-ad. Actually, only goats want to sink their teeth into this one, but it’s a great green concept.

Ellen Felsenthal, of New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary (in Arlington, Washington), is asking folks to donate their discarded natural Christmas trees. Felsenthal plans to feed the used holiday evergreens (or Tannenbaums) to the goats that live at her facility.

New Moon annually receives plenty of discarded evergreens from local Christmas tree lots as well. Still, the animal rescue sanctuary can always use a few more trees for goat forage. After all, New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary has rescued more than 500 goats in recent years. The animals have been saved from abuse, cruelty, neglect and situations in which owners could no longer afford to care for them.

Used Christmas tree donors who drop off their evergreens at the rescue facility will be invited to visit and pet New Moon’s goats. Branches should be cleared of all Christmas decorations, such as tinsel, lights, ornament hooks, flocking spray and other potentially dangerous items.

This idea gives holiday leftovers a whole new meaning … particularly for New Moon’s goats!

Did you know? Goats in some parts of the world, such as Morocco, actually climb trees to eat the leaves and chew on the branches?

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  1. Love how this not only keeps the streets clear of discarded Christmas trees but helps the goats too!



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