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Milky Ways and Molars

Milky Ways and Molars

Here’s a story you can sink your teeth into … or not.

Texan Sue Calhoun grabbed a Milky Way chocolate bar for an on-road snack, as she and her husband headed for a drive and an errand on New Year's Day. Biting into the candy bar, Sue felt something crunch.

Normally, a Milky Way will not crunch, as the Milky Way candy bar is filled with chocolate, caramel and a creamy nougat.

Sue Calhoun had obviously bitten off more than she could chew. She discovered a tooth inside the Milky Way chocolate bar. In fact, the tooth contained a silver filling.

Counting her blessings that she did not crack one of her own teeth on the mysterious molar in her Milky Way bar, Sue Calhoun contacted the candy manufacturer, Mars Chocolate North America. A Mars Chocolate representative offered her coupons for free candy bars, in exchange for the questionable Milky Way bar … and the tooth.

But Sue Calhoun said she was not sure she really wanted any more candy bars – at least, not for a while.

One may only wonder what the tooth fairy would say about this situation.

Perhaps the folks working in quality control at Mars Chocolate North America ought to go over their Milky Way chocolate bar production process with a fine-toothed comb, so to speak. To be sure, Mars Chocolate management is likely to chew those guys out a bit.

Sue Calhoun is probably still wondering if this story has a silver lining … like the tooth she found in her Milky Way chocolate bar.

What’s the moral of this story?

Reality bites, particularly when one finds an unexpected prize in something very different from a Cracker Jack box or a Happy Meal.

Or …

If you pick a candy bar, be sure to eat your fill without eating a filled tooth.

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