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I is for Impeccable Irises

Open your eyes outdoors, and you’ll likely identify irises in gardens soon.

Grown from rhizomes or bulb, planted in late summer or early fall, these beauties may be bearded or beardless. Irises are hardy in most climates, multiplying quickly and readily.

From dainty Japanese Irises to the giant European varieties, such blooms are gardeners’ perennial picks to fine foliage and fancy flowers.

In what colors are irises available?

Look for irises in purple, yellow, pink, wine, white, multi-colors and more.

Are you itching to add irises to your own garden?

I’ve identified an assortment of practical gardening articles, all about irises, from several fellow writers. Take your pick!

Where and How to Plant Bearded Irises – Freida Thomas
Easy tips on where and how to plant Bearded Irises in your home garden.

Peonies, Irises, and Other Flowers: "Is Bigger Better?" – Vincent Summers
Increasing the size of a flower and increasing its beauty are not always the same thing. In fact, increasing a flower's size may lead to its downfall!

Irresistible Irises – Sandy Mitchell
A look at the history, planting, and care of that elegant plant, the Iris.

How to Grow a Japanese Iris – Yolanda Palmer
Once you have come upon a blooming Japanese irises I am sure that you will want to include them in your landscape.

Beautiful Yellow Bulb Flowers – Crystal Ray
Consider the following beautiful yellow bulb flowers for your yard or flower garden. These attractive yellow bulb flowers grow well in most hardiness zones, and they would make a wonderful addition to any yard or garden.

Use Irises to Purify Runoff Water – Juniper Russo
Water pollution from lawns and gardens can cause serious ecological problems. Find out how to plant irises in your lawn or garden to purify your runoff water.

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  1. Excellent resources here. Thanks for including a link to my article on yellow bulb flowers.

  2. I love learning new things--and Irises are so beautiful:)
    Great A-Z post!



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