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R is for Rank Refrigerators

What’s lurking inside the fridge?

Cleaning out my own refrigerator this morning, I found a veritable treasure trove of surprises. OK, these weren’t exactly treasures, but they were certainly surprises.

Look what I discovered.

  • a half-empty Starbucks latte cup
  • two stalks of wimpy celery
  • a block of fuzzy muenster cheese
  • two slices of petrified pizza
  • one errant French fry
  • a wilted head of lettuce that mysteriously resembled Thomas Jefferson on the nickel
  • a cup of congealed cherry yogurt
  • a leaking jam jar

Trust me. You don’t want to know the rest. And, yes, we have teenagers in the house.

I tossed all of the terrifying contents, along with the expired box of baking soda, and wiped the refrigerator shelves with Windex.

That should hold us for a month or two, right?

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