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G is for Gummy Bears

Gotta love gummy bears!

OK, I know tomorrow is Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny probably has his sugar-laden loot all ready. I’m sure he’s toting tons of jelly beans, chocolate rabbits, chocolate and peanut butter eggs, and the requisite marshmallow creatures.

But I'm prepared to halt the holiday hare in his tracks.

Easter Bunny, you can keep all that stuff.

Take it to my neighbor’s house, if you want. Just bring me the gummy bears.

Yes, I have tried to be a good sport. I’ve toured the Jelly Belly factory in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. I’ve evaluated various Easter treat options, such as the top 5 favorite candies for Easter baskets.

Plus, I have friends who are Easter candy experts.


Michelle M. Guilbeau-Sheppard offers her own most popular Easter candy choices. Lee Andrew Henderson knows the history of Peeps Marshmallow Candy.Amy Brantley talks about gourmet Easter candy. Jaipi Sixbear touts ways to make an Easter Basket for the diabetic child. I know there are alternatives to Easter candy, as Amy Browne suggests.

That all sounds simply fascinating, but I’ve gotta go for the gummies.

Bring on the bears, Bunny!

Hey, don’t be a hater. Dr. Jamie Yvette loves gummy bears too!

Besides, gummy bears are low-fat. And who doesn’t love all that tangy, chewy awesomeness?

You can keep the gummy worms. Toss ‘em in the garden for those springtime birds, while you’re hiding the colored eggs. Just don’t bring those slimy things in my basket.

I simply couldn’t bear to dig through my Easter basket without gummy bears.

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  1. *Giggles* This is wonderful. I happen to like the worms better than the bears...I know they are all the same thing.

    Happy Easter, Linda Ann.

  2. Yum! I also love gummy bears! They may not be healthy, but every girl has got to splurge on occasion! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  3. Awesome! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Love those bears, absolutely- better than chocolate any day! Cheers, the best to you. Sylvie



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