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C is for Chocolate Mousse Day

Today is Chocolate Mousse Day. Do you need a second invitation to indulge in the ultimate elegant comfort food?

Light and fluffy, but also decadent and rich, chocolate mousse is a chocoholic’s delight. Dive into these chocolate mousse recipes, published by writing colleagues:

  • Deep Chocolate Mousse - Gluten Free Holiday Dessert – Diane Zoller-Ciatto
  • Easy Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse Recipe – Jennifer Eblin
  • No Nut Desserts that Everyone Loves (included Chocolate Mousse – J.K. Baurain
 If you’re not mad about mousse, pick a chocolate pudding recipe instead. Here’s a sweet sampling:

  • Decadent Microwave Chocolate Pudding from Scratch – Carolyn St. James
  • How to Make Homemade Chocolate Pudding: Quick, Easy Pudding Recipe – Karen Wyman
  • Protein Pudding Recipes – Kelly Morris
 Or try a dandy dessert that includes chocolate pudding as a key ingredient.

  • 2 Quick and Easy Desserts Using Chocolate Instant Pudding – Darlene Michaud
  • Creative Uses for Pudding – Amy Brantley
  • How to Dress Up a Plain Boxed Pudding Mix for Your Kids  - Sabah Karimi
  • Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake – Michelle McMurray de Luces

Remember, chocolate is good for you!

  • Berries and Chocolate May Ward Off Parkinson's Disease – Linda Ann Nickerson

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  1. oh no - chocolate mousse seems to be stalking me - there it was on a tv programme last night - in the paper this morning, and now on your blog. It's the last straw - I'm going to have to have one!

  2. Hmm. I just might have to make some chocolate pudding or mousse now.

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  3. Oh, wow! You can't go wrong with chocolate (not in this house, anyway)!

  4. Actually, I think the most decadent pud is chocolate fondant with lindt dark chocolate and butter. mmmmm. :-D



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