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U is for Under-bed Storage

Under my bed hides a multitude of sins. OK, that’s not quite right. Underneath my bed are several conveniently compact storage containers that conceal miscellaneous items of biblical proportions.

That’s more like it.

A large, flat zippered case keeps special-occasion and off-season shoes and sandals dust-free and stashed away.
Another shallow storage bin holds four pairs of show and schooling breeches for horseback riding.

A third under-bed box keeps uncut fabrics for upcoming sewing projects.

You get the point.

Under-bed storage is one of a home organizer’s best allies. With a draped bedspread or with a pretty bed ruffle placed over the box spring, the area under a bed is virtually invisible. It becomes a perfect place to store secret stashes of potential clutter.

Some folks even select sturdy beds with built-in drawers for added storage and convenience.

Whatever you do, when you visit a host’s home, just don’t look under the bed!
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  1. I couldn't live without taking advantage of under the bed storage. It's essential in a small home.

  2. That's a good tip in terms of cleaning up my apartment! The only problem is that I'd need to clean out the less organized and hygenic 'under the bed storage' before I can put in a better solution! :D



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