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Bacteriophobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

Baby, it’s bold outside! Germs may take hold outside. There’s virus and mold inside. Bacteria glows beside. (Just ask a bacteriophobe.)

Bacteriophobia is the fear of germs.

People often call such folks germophobes. Remember Adrian Monk (played by Tony Shaljoub) in the popular USA Network television series called Monk?

Folks with this form of fear may worry to an unhealthy degree about picking up diseases or infections in all sorts of seemingly random spots. They may make a mountain out of a microbe in their all-out efforts to avoid any possible risk of contamination.

Germinate on this for a moment. Bacteriophobia has become super-common lately, particularly with the arising of superbugs and supergerms.

Maybe they’re onto something.

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  1. I think we become more of a germaphobe as we get older. I see my son play in the mud, eat things from the floor and then touch his face and all I can think is 'ewww!' I never use to be like that but now that I'm a mom - definitely more noticeable now.

    @NewEnglandMomma from
    New England Momma



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