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Dentophobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

Let’s try to keep a stiff upper lip, as we look at another fearsome phobia. OK, read my lips.

Dentophobia is the fear of dentists.

Dentophobia is a popular phobia. Tons of people would rather give their eye teeth than climb into the dentist’s chair. I wouldn’t want to bad-mouth dental professionals, but those who honestly enjoy dental visits may be as scarce as hen’s teeth. And when cavities or complications lead to more extended appointments, folks may stress and sweat and fuss and fret.

Most of us try to grin and bear it and barely get out of such sessions by the skin of our you-know-whats.

And if anyone happens to have a sweet tooth, then those dental visits may be multiplied over time.

Do I personally suffer from dentophobia?

My lips are sealed.

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1 comment:

  1. I hate going to the dentist, I don't think I have a phobia, hard to tell from my general anxiety perhaps, but my dad didn't go to the dentist and lost lots of teeth which was a big incentive to me to take better care of my teeth. But I need to buy myself a good girl present each time I go^^
    Vilje from



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