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Ephebiphobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

They tend to travel in packs and have a language all their own. At any given moment, they may be easy to understand or entirely inexplicable and incomprehensible. Onlookers often shake their heads and wonder whether to approach and how best to do so. Sometimes it may seem prudent just to stand back for a moment, as their moods tend to change often and suddenly.

Yikes. They’re teenagers. And while they may wear the bloom of youth, their mere presence may give pause to those older and younger.
Ephebiphobia is the fear of teenagers.

The term is derived from the ancient Greek word “ephebos,” which means “youth.”

How many people hold adolescents in awe? Are they children? Are they young adults? Are they both? Neither? No one seems to know. And they morph back and forth between maturity and immaturity.


Never fear. Teens become twenty-somethings in time. OK, maybe a certain level of trepidation is warranted.

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