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Uranophobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

Look! Up in the sky! It’s … no, wait. It’s … OK, maybe it’s better not to look, if you have uranophobia.

Uranophobia is the fear of the skies (or the heavens). Sometimes it is spelled this way instead: “ouranophobia.” It comes from the ancient Greek word “uranos,” which means “heaven.” This word is related to the name of the planet Uranus.

People with uranophobia are not necessarily scared of the afterlife or of Heaven. They are more likely afraid of the sky, the heavens, or even outer space in this life. Uranophobic individuals are unlikely to pursue aerospace or aeronautical careers, and they may not even desire to visit the planetarium.

In a more obscure usage, the word “uranophobia” may point to a fear of homosexuals or homosexuality in general, but this definition is not altogether accurate. “Homophobia” is the generally acceptable term for this meaning.

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