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Rhytiphobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

Rhytiphobia is one of the primary reasons why cosmetic surgeons rake in so many greenbacks for doing facelifts. People tend to equate beauty with youth and clear, smooth skin.

Rhytiphobia is the fear of getting wrinkles.

It’s not just vanity or the desire to be fresh-faced. Rhytiphobia is a morbid, consuming sort of dread of such dermatological creasing. Some folks with this fear refuse to smile for form dramatic facial expressions, simply to minimize future wrinkling.

The word “rhytiphobia” is derived in part from the Greek word “rhytis,” which means “wrinkle.”

I am pretty sure I don’t have this sort of phobia. I’m not exactly afraid of aging and its effects on my face and form. My complexion is starting to look a little like an urban grid. Add a few scars from basal cell carcinoma removals and odd mole burn-offs, and you get the picture.

Aging leaves a few marks. Even middle-aging leaves some scars. But they only prove our longevity, which is a blessing and not so scary at all. Unless one is rhytiphobic.

On the other hand (or face), for many of us, maybe those creases are just mile markers. Now there’s a new wrinkle.

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  1. Cute theme for the A/Z challenge :) This is definitely one phobia I don't think I would ever suffer from. Wrinkles are part of the wisdom of old age I think :)




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