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Syngenesophobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

Family gatherings and reunions with kin both far and near may be joyful occasions for plenty of people. But such events can also be stressful prospects, particularly for anyone with syngenesophobia.

Syngenesophobia is the fear of relatives.

The word “syngenesophobia” includes the prefix “syn,” which means “together” or “identical” in ancient Greek. Add that to “genes” and “phobia,” and it represents a fear of someone with the same genes. That’s family.

Categorized as a social phobia, syngenesophobia may involve a general dread of family or a specific fear of certain relatives. It’s more than a mild dislike or disinterest. This is a genuine fear.

A person may be alarmingly apprehensive about an aunt, uneasy with an uncle, creeped out by a cousin, aghast of a grandparent, or terrified of another member of the clan. The mere prospect of a visit might strike such an individual with horror.

Syngenesophobia may or may not result from a traumatic experience or memory involving the target of the familial fear.

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  1. But what if your family is really and truly scary?
    I mean, some of their puns are just AWFUL!

  2. I can see this fear being real



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