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12-Step Program for Wedding Gift Registry

12-Step Program for Wedding Gift Registry

Are you engaged to be married? Congratulations! As the bride- and groom-to-be, please remember that wedding gift registries are intended to offer time-savings, convenience, and constructive ideas for your guests. Your family and friends are not obligated to purchase items on your lists, although they are most likely to do so.

Have fun with your registry, as you plan your new life together!

12-Step Program:

1. Register for gifts before you send out your wedding invitations.

2. If possible, visit gift registries together with your fiance or fiancee.

3. Double-check the registry information for accuracy.

4. Try to register at multiple stores, but not for the same items. For example, if you pick out dishes at Target, try to stick to sheets and towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond and other household items at Pottery Barn. Ideally, you will choose stores that also offer online shopping.

5. Avoid personal care items, apparel, sporting equipment, and hobby supplies. While Abercrombie & Fitch, CD Now, Gap, REI, Sports Authority and Victoria's Secret may be your favorite retail haunts, many of your guests may not deem these appropriate for bridal gift registry.

6. Consider online gift registries for long-distance guests' convenience. Several online services enable users to consolidate and coordinate registries at multiple stores through a single website. Examples include and My Registry.

7. Think about your desired color schemes for your home, and select items accordingly.

8. Aim for variety, particularly in terms of pricing.

9. Include compact gift items for easy shipping. Your long-distance guests will appreciate this.

10. Check gift statuses periodically on your gift registries.

11. Be sure to update your bridal gift registries, if you receive gifts from other sources.

12. Don't forget to send thank-you notes to those who send gifts, even if they send something for which you did not register.

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