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Winter Washing Without Wilting

Winter Washing Without Wilting -
How to Clean Your Down-Filled Coat

Restoring the Puff in Your Warm Winter Stuff

Feather-stuffed jackets are toasty and warm, even in the most frigid, tundra-like climates. Nothing beats a puffy down-filled parka on a cold winter day.

However, even a winter coat can become dirty, soiled, and stinky. Dry-cleaning is costly, so you may want to launder your cozy outerwear at home.

How can you clean your down-filled or feather-filled jacket or vest? Nearly everyone knows that feathers can become soggy and clumpy when wet. Can you really launder a jacket that is filled with them?

Certainly you can! You just need a can of tennis balls! (Be sure to read the whole online article, using the free link below, so you won't have to call the Maytag repairman!)

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