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Paint an Indoor Paradise!

Paint an Indoor Paradise!

A child's bedroom can be an indoor haven, a fortified castle or even a jazzy jungle. What is your child's ideal indoor dream theme?

Does your child love American Girl dolls, Dora the Explorer, GI Joe, Hannah Montana, the Indianapolis 500, LEGOs, Major League Baseball, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ratatouille, or Veggie Tales? You may be surprised what you can create, if you use your imagination (and possibly some clipart).

Wallpapering can be quite costly. This is also a risky prospect. A child's personal interests and tastes can change quickly. Why shell out a small fortune on designer papers, when your son or daughter will probably lose interest in the design within a year or two?

You can create a unique and memorable room without spending a king's ransom. In fact, it is amazing what you can do with a few cans of paint and some great ideas!

Click here for practical pointers on painting, using borders and decals, stenciling, tracing, and even freehand drawing.

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