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Kids Crafts - Marble Painting

Kids Crafts - Marble Painting

Need some creative gift wrapping papers for Valentine's Day?

Roll 'em!

Marbleized papers are extremely popular, even for grownups. Elegant marble-designed notepapers are available in the finest stationery stores. Marble papers are available for purchase online at Dick Blick Art, Paper Pronto, Paper Studio and other e-tailers. Scrapbooking stores and sites (Chic Scrapbooks, Memory Villa, Scrapbook Clearinghouse, Stampin' Up and more) also offer marbled goods.

And yet, marbled papers are so simple and fun to make! Use real marbles from your child’s collection, or pick up a big bag at the discount store. Kids of all ages love this kinetic craft!

Even toddlers and preschoolers can get into the act, rolling and swirling their favorite colors into artistic abstract marble painting designs. Here's all you need: plain papers, paint, marbles and a few empty shirt boxes.

Click here for easy instructions!

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