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Clothing Swaps - Trading Togs & Tag Sales

Clothing Swaps - Trading Togs & Tag Sales

How to Find a Clothing Swap in Your Area

Remember the old Army joke? The commander assembles the troops and announces: "Men! Today I have good news and bad news. Let's start with the good news. Today you get to change your underwear. Now the bad news. Clark, you change with Simmons. Jenkins, you change with Barnes. . . "

Seriously, clothing swaps can be fun. Where I live, we call these co-ops. Families get together and exchange garments. Most of our trades are children's clothes.

In my neighborhood, we swap outgrown baby clothes, kids' play clothes, jeans and jackets, and more. We even trade ice skates, Rollerblades, and snow boots.

At our school, we swap school uniforms and gym outfits. (Yes, we launder them first!)

Our church has a clothing exchange every fall, as families prepare for back-to-school days.

Many local chapters of the national family group, Parents of Multiples, have annual swap-meets just for families with twins, triplets, quads and more.

Want to Find a Clothing Swap Near You?

1. Check the local newspaper for listings. Most areas have free advertising newspaper and mailers too. These often include such events.

2.View your local events cable TV stations for news of clothing swaps.

3. Search online. Most communities have web-sites with event listings. Check out ClothingSwap, Swap-o-Rama and SwapStyle for helpful information.

4. Look for flyers and bulletin board postings at your school, church, and community center.

5. Ask around. If you have neighbors, particularly neighbors with large families, they are likely to be clued in.

6. Organize your own swap! Why not gather a group of families and create your own event. Instruct participants to bring unwanted clothing (in good condition) and a dozen cookies to share!

Share and swap! What a super way to get acquainted and to gain some "new" items at the same time!

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