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Leave Dust Behind - How to Freshen Artificial Flowers and Trees

Leave Dust Behind: How to Freshen Artificial Flowers and Trees

Low-maintenance is in! Even high-priced interior designers incorporate silk flowers and artificial trees into their designs.

No watering, fertilizing, or pruning! Leaves and blooms never wilt or fade, and you don’t need a green thumb to keep them looking lovely and lush. However, within a few months, they do tend to collect a layer of dust. How do you clean these without losing leaves or upsetting the beautiful arrangement?

No one has the time to wipe each individual leaf. But there is a much faster way!

  1. Gentle Whisking Prevents Dust Build-Up.
  2. Try a Simple Solution.
  3. Give It a Cleansing Rain.
  4. Air It Out!
  5. Avoid Costly Cleaning Products.

Click here for more information on these simple steps to keep your plants looking fresh and healthy and perhaps even realistic!

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1 comment:

  1. Silk N splendor is much easier and is what the pros use to keep their plants and flowers looking fresh. You just spray on and let dry, it's that easy. It also creates sort of a dust repellent and brings back the shine of older silks. You can purchase it at the link below: Silk Plant Cleaner



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