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Simple Cold-Weather Snacks for Birds

Simple Cold-Weather Snacks for Birds

Frozen Foods for Your Feathered Friends

Banish those midwinter blues! Here’s a festive way to invite wild feathered friends into your yard for a high-flying winter fiesta!

Why not throw a party that is truly for the birds? Here are four simple snacks you can offer. Enlist the kids for these fun projects and begin bird-watching together!

1. String ‘em along with popcorn! (Orville Redenbacher never had it so good.)
2. Leave ‘em hanging with yummy pine cones! (Grab the Skippy or Jif.)
3. Corny but cool with corn cobs!
4. No sweat with suet!
5. Look out!

Grab your binoculars, and get ready for some bird-watching. Have your camera ready for some avian photography!

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