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K is for Killer Ketchup

My grandfather called it catsup, but we knew better. 

It was ketchup, through and through, for my siblings and me. I’d be willing to wager that our mother must have hauled home hundreds of ketchup containers during our collective childhood.

We poured ketchup on hamburgers, and hot dogs, fries and tater tots, scrambled eggs and omelets, corned beef hash, fried eggs, hash browns, meat loaf and many other family fare dishes.

My kids have carried on the ketchup-crazed family tradition, practically transforming this classic condiment into a beverage. I’ve watched teens at my table, squirting enough tangy ketchup onto a plate to turn a minute steak into tomato/beef soup.

You can spot us easily, if we stop for burgers at a drive-through window. That’s right. We’re in the car that’s parked to one side, waiting for the special “ketchup only” order.

Hold the pickles and the lettuce.
Keep your mustard and your relish.
Drown it in ketchup, if you please,
And top it off with orange cheese.

Yep, that’s us. We’re just cool that way, when it comes to condiments.

Of course, those little squeeze packets of ketchup that come with take-out foods are never enough.

Calling all ketchup fans!

Did you know you can mix up your own brand of ketchup in your home kitchen? Try these ketchup recipes from writing colleagues.

How to Make Your Own Ketchup – Angie Pollock
Homemade ketchup not only has more flavor but when made in batches, you can save your family a lot of money. This tasty version only contains natural ingredients and lacks all of the additives and preservatives of store-bought ketchup.

How to Make Homemade Ketchup – John P. Cummings
Detailed recipe and inspiration to try to make homemade ketchup.

Recipe for homemade ketchup, mustard: No processed sweeteners, ingredients – Rachael Monaco
A few simple ingredients, and you can make your own homemade ketchup and mustard at home. You can use any brand of tomato paste in the ketchup recipe. Because there are no processed ingredients in either the ketchup or mustard recipe, both are vegan-friendly.

Homemade Condiments – Crystal Ray
Did you know you could make homemade condiments such as catsup, mustard, mayonnaise, and apple butter? Homemade condiments are easy to make, and you'll be surprised by the finished results.

Have you ever wondered why ketchup was even invented?

What is Ketchup Made For? – Veronica Bowman
Ketchup is made to enhance the flavor of foods that need a little or a lot of enhancement in order to make them enjoyable. Ketchup can enhance the flavor of meat dishes such as hamburger, hotdogs, salmon patties, fish sticks, stuffed peppers and more.

When Ketchup was King: Major Food Source Poor in the 1950's – David A. Reinstein, LCSW
Usually thought of as a condiment (take it or leave it, use it or not) there was a time when it made meals out of little else.

Look at the other purposes for which ketchup can be used at home!

5 Alternative Uses for Ketchup – Lee Andrew Henderson
Ketchup is a useful condiment to have around the house. Not only is ketchup a nice addition to a hot dog or hamburger but it can also solve other common problems around the house.

Let’s kick it up for ketchup!

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  1. my daughter and i love ketchup as well...i've made my own!!! of course, the husband didn't like it or any other kind of ketchup, however, i've noticed he doesn't come from 'ketchup people'...they aren't really into condiments at all...oh, the horror!!!

  2. Yep, I love ketchup. My mom, however, says some brands make her eyes water. It's like mild salsa to her. ;)

  3. Some people seem to eat it on everything. I used to dip steak in ketchup when I was a kid. I don't go to that extreme anymore, but it's a must for fries and burgers. I can't wait to read all of the articles! Thanks for including one of mine.

  4. I was never big on ketchup as a condiment but I've used it in recipes. My husband cannot live without ketchup. That's one thing we never run out of. :)



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