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Mnemophobia: Fearsome phobias from A to Z

Merrily, many folks take nostalgic strolls down the proverbial Memory Lane, reliving recollections and elaborating on past experiences. But the idea of rehearsing memories or even trying to bring them to mind may be a source of great discomfort for others.

Mnemophobia is the fear of memories.

The word “mnemophobia” comes from the ancient Greek word “mnemon,” which pertains to memory and mindfulness. Mnemosyne, in Greek mythology, was the goddess of memory and mother of the famous nine Muses.

Today, mnemophobia is known as an extreme fear of one’s memories – particularly negative, scary, or otherwise unpleasant ones. Mnemophobia may also be used to describe the fear of misplacing one’s memory or memories. Individuals suffering from amnesia, Alzheimers disease, or other memory-loss-related medical conditions may become mnemophobic.

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  1. Thank you for teaching a new word and I am mnemophobic, not to recollect memories but I fear I might lose memory of something I wanted to remember. I hop my usage of the word was right in that sentence.

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  2. I love my memories and even remember the oldest ones as old as when I was one year old. Thanks for sharing this word.

    Visiting from #AtoZ
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