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Patching Up Torn Jeans and Pants

How to Patch a Pair of Pants: Repairing Torn Knees in Denim Jeans and Khaki Trousers

Torn and tattered blue jeans may seem stylish for some folks, but frayed fabrics fairly flatter no one in the long run. The grunge look has come and gone, and it’s a good thing it has!

How can you patch torn trousers, clean up tattered corduroys, repair ripped khakis, mend shredded chinos or re-stitch ragged blue jeans?

  1. Don’t trust iron-on patches.
  2. Consider appliqu├ęs.
  3. Open a leg seam first.
  4. Stitch the rip, if you can.
  5. Choose your patching fabrics.
  6. Produce a patch.
  7. Prepare to stitch.
  8. Attach the patch.
  9. Re-stitch the leg seam.
  10. Press and go.

For detailed instructions, click here to read “How to Patch a Pair of Pants: Repairing Torn Knees in Denim Jeans and Khaki Trousers.”

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