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Germs at the Gym?

Fitness Fungi and Gym Germs

Let's head to the gym to get fit and healthy!

Did you know that weight room, gym bench, and locker room can be optimum environments for bacterial and fungal growth? How about the sauna, spa and pool deck?

Certainly, the gym can be a germ zone!

Any place where people gather in close proximity to one another can be a community for communicating germs. Add heavy breathing and sweating, and you can have a veritable haven for harboring unfriendly infections.

Germs at the Gym

Folks work out to stay healthy and strong,
And the gym is a spot where germs do not belong.
Then someone will sneeze and will touch a machine.
Those handlebars now are infected, not clean.

Don't get me started on the floor of that shower,
Where staph and E.coli may breed by the hour.
How can a fitness fanatic stay well
In a gym where bacteria flourish and dwell?

A few simple steps will protect you from harm,
Keep it clean, and you won't have to sound the alarm.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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