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Grocery Bag Bonus

Grocery Bag Bonus

“Paper, plastic or other?”
Remember our recent Grocery Bag Poll at Practically at Home?
At least 25 percent of the respondents indicated that they bring their own recycled bags along to the store to pack their grocery purchases.
Would you like to preserve the environment, reduce landfill load (from both brown paper and plastic grocery bags), economize petroleum (used to make plastic grocery bags), save countless trees (destroyed to produce brown paper grocery bags) and simply be a creative conservationist?
Many shoppers reuse paper or plastic grocery bags for errands and household tasks. Some even tote recycled bags to the store for subsequent errands.
Fabric Shopping Totes
Increasingly, shoppers are using more durable fabric totes to carry their purchases. Most grocery stores, luxury and discount retailers and large-scale department stores now offer logo-imprinted tote bags. Some are pricey, while others are more affordable.
Still, if you love to sew, as I do, you may have a big box of remnants and fabric scraps. Even if you decide to pony up and purchase new fabrics, you can still make your own reusable grocery tote bag without spending much money.
Why not make your own reusable grocery tote bag? It’s easy!
It’s Sew Simple!
If you can come up with 1/2 yard of sturdy woven outer fabric (and 1/2 yard of sturdy woven lining fabric), you can stitch up a reusable grocery tote bag in a flash.
Here’s the cutting pattern for your reusable grocery tote bag.
Once you get started, you will probably choose to make several reusable grocery tote bags. How about keeping them in your car, so you can grab them when you head for the grocery store?
Now, let’s ask once again: “Paper, plastic or other?”

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