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Personal Space and Teenagers: 12-part series of pointed inquiries

Parents of teenagers are not perfect. OK, we get that. Even authors of much-touted parenting manuals make mistakes.

Perhaps our own teens are the first to point out our shortcomings in the young adult rearing department. Hey, it happens.

And parents of adolescents ask questions – lots of questions.

Maybe none of us can pretend to possess all the answers, when it comes to raising teens, whether those teens tend to raise Cain or not.

Enter this blog series on Personal Space and Teenagers.

How much personal space does a teenager need, both geographically and figuratively? And how much is warranted?

In a dozen installments, I’m going to ask a bunch of leading questions. Some of these queries may scratch beneath the surface of comfort. But I think they bear asking.

I honestly want to hear from other parents and from teens, or even preteens. How much personal space is enough, and what is too much? Where do you believe boundaries cross the line, and where do you think they should be tightened? What personal experiences can you share to help other families with teenagers?

Let’s see who answers. I can hardly wait to hear from parents AND teens on these topics. I hope to receive comments with candid observations, personal anecdotes, and practical wisdom.

So here we go.

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