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Personal Space and Teenagers: GPS

Sometimes the right answer is hard to pinpoint, when it comes to parenting teens. Take Global Positioning Systems, for example.

What’s a GPS?

This acronym, pointing to Global Positioning Satellite systems, is also generically used to mean Global Positioning System, describing any means of tracking someone’s location. Many cell phones and high-tech wristwatches, for example, include GPS technology. Increasingly, other personal devices may as well. 
So how does GPS affect teens and their parents?

It is technologically possible to monitor another person’s location. If a parent does this, is it an invasion of privacy?

  1. Does your teen carry a device with GPS capabilities?
  2. Does the car he or she drives have this technology?
  3. Do you use it?
  4. If so, how do you use it?
  5. Would you ever turn to GPS technology to track your teen’s movements in a non-emergency situation?

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